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Coo Woo - Love Exposure

Coo Woo (Milwaukee, USA). A hook that will floor you and make your heart race. Reach for your dancing shoes, grab a beer and raise a glass to toast an album that will quite possibly be the soundtrack to your next great romance.

I Smile, And I Smile, And I Smile

Fifth EDiLS compilation features bands from France, UK & USA.

Now This Is What I Call The Fourth Edils Compilation

Fourth EDiLS compilation features bands from USA & UK.

Zola - Gang CD

Inside the first 30 seconds of this EP you know your listening to something special here. Bright, Sassy and full of hooks that will have you singing along with vocalist Lee Francis, as he directs you through the intricacies of ZOLA's compli-indie-mathpop. Yeah we just made that genre up right now!